Vlad the Vampire

Vlad represents the Vampire Team. The Vampire Team is another entire team that can play in the game, which means the game could be won by Werewolves, Villagers or Vampires.

The Vampire members awake each night and select someone whose blood they want to suck. That player will die the next day, but that player’s death is not announced until the first Vote Nomination is made, or if there are no nominations, the player will be announced as dead before you announce that night is falling.

Vampires are more powerful than Werewolves. Werewolves can’t kill Vampires, but Vampires can select and kill a Werewolf.

Vampires can be removed from the game by Banishment during the day, and by the Pecking Crow, as well as by the death of one of Venus’s Lovers.

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