Venus is awoken only on the first night. On subsequent nights, you do not wake her.

On the first night, ask Venus to select two other players who will become Lovers. “Venus, identify the lovers in the room.” She’ll point at one, then the other. Ask Venus to go back to sleep, then announce “If I tap you next, open your eyes and identify your lover.”, then tap the two players and ensure they identify each other. The Venus player should not be awake for this, to prevent those characters from knowing with certainty which other player is on the Villager team.

If one lover dies, by any means, the other lover instantly dies of a broken heart. This includes banishments and Werewolf kills.

This role becomes particularly interesting when one of the lovers is a Villager but the other is a Werewolf. You might find the Villager speaking up for the Werewolf during banishment, to the bewilderment of the other villagers, or at night the Werewolf will do his best to ensure his brethren do not eat his lover, which would result in two bodies being found the next day: the villager’s and his Werewolf lover’s.

Alternative: Have Venus select three players to be lovers. It’s 2015, why not?

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