The Twitcher is a bird lady. She has a Healing Dove and a Poison Crow. She is woken each night and asked if she would like to her Dove and then asked if she would like to use her Crow. She only gets to use each bird once per game, but you continue to ask even after the bird has been used, to prevent the other players from knowing that the bird has been used.

The Healing Dove can prevent a night kill, such as a Werewolf attack or a Vampire bite.

The Pecking Crow can be used once in the game to kill another character. The bird flies to the other player, perches on the player’s head and pecks through the eye sockets into the brain, pulling the brains out like pulling spaghetti through a colander.

The Twitcher’s birds are used only at night. They cannot save someone from Banishment, nor can they kill someone during the day.

The Twitcher can use the Healing Dove on herself. Optionally, you can disallow this and specify that the Twitcher cannot save herself with her Dove. This would discourage the Twitcher from saving the Dove for herself, which some Twitcher players do.

At night, say “Twitcher, open your eyes. (pause) Would you like to use your Healing Dove?” Then you must *indicate the player that would otherwise die*. Point to the player who the Werewolves selected. If you’re playing with Vampires, point also to the person whom the Vampires selected. The Twitcher gives a thumbs up if they want to use the Healing Dove.

Then ask “Would you like to use your Pecking Crow?” The player gives a thumbs up or down. If the player gives a thumbs up, gesture to the other players, to indicate to the Twitcher that she should indicate the player to die. If the Twitcher gave a thumbs-down, indicating she doesn’t want to use the Crow, pause anyway so the other players become accustomed to this gap, so that when the Crow is actually used, there will be no difference in the pacing of the game.

Special Circumstances:
In a game with multiple kinds of night attacks, such as Werewolves and Vampires, you need to decide if your Twitcher’s Healing Dove is able to heal a double attach, such as if the Vampires and the Werewolves select the same player. If the Dove cannot cure a double attack, tell your players as part of the game introduction.

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