Old Hag

The Old Hag has lost her beauty and is jealous of Villagers who still have their looks.

Each night you awake the Old Hag and ask her of whom she is jealous. She indicates, then you say “If I tap you next, the Old Hag is jealous of you and has placed a spell of disfigurement on you.”

The player she selected will be mortified at the temporary transformation and the next day will confine him or herself to a hut at the edge of the village and won’t be seen until night falls. In practice, the player will sit off to the side in an area that you identified at the beginning of the game as the “hut on the edge of the village”.

While this player is in the hut, they cannot be nominated for banishment, cannot communicate with other players, and cannot participate in the vote.

Strategically this role can remove players who might otherwise be banished the next day, or temporarily remove players whose opinion is contrary to that of the Old Hag player.

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