A dark curse was placed on the great great grandmother of this character, which has affected all children on the maternal line for generations.

This character begins the game as a Villager Team member. If the Cursed is attacked by Werewolves at night, instead of dying, the Cursed is converted into a Werewolf. The next day there is no body found resulting from the Werewolf attack, and the next night when you wake the Werewolves, you tap the this player’s knee to indicate that he should also wake with the werewolves. The other werewolves might not be aware of what happened, so you might make a shape of the letter “C” with your hand and point to the newly converted Werewolf. From that point forward, the character is on the Werewolf Team and plays as a member of the Werewolf team.

The Seer sees the Cursed for whatever the Cursed is at the time the Seer looks at him. If the Cursed hasn’t been converted and is playing for the Villager team, then the Seer sees a Villager team member. If the Cursed has been eaten by Werewolves and has become a Werewolf, the Seer sees a Werewolf team member. This means the Seer could look at the Cursed twice in one game and get two different reports.

The Cursed converts to the Werewolf team at the moment the Werewolves eat him, even though by then the Werewolves are going back to sleep so the Cursed is not awoken nor tapped until the next night.

The player has to understand that they are to play the role as a Villager team member. Some Cursed players will try to play for the werewolves from the beginning, which is not the intent of this role.

This character is particularly surprising for the Villagers if the Twitcher’s pecking crow was used on the same night that the Werewolves eat the Cursed. To the other players, they’ll understand a body was found and they’ll assume it was the regular Werewolf kill, when it was not.

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