Villager Attire 101 – What to Wear

Male villagerSo you’re moving to the village. Fantastic. You’re going to be a great asset to the village and you want to do your best to fit in. What will you wear?

Our Village Fashionistas, Sean and Marc, have shared the following tips for the hot fashions of Spring, 1542:

Marc writes, “Parrots and eye-patches aside, there is not a lot of difference between dressing up as a Villager and dressing up as a Pirate: Cut off clothing and earth tones rule.

“Take old clothes you don’t intend to wear again, such as a dress shirt, and rip the collar off and possibly the sleeves too. Remove the top few buttons and poke holes on both sides, then lace a brown shoelace or other kind of rope through. Leave it untucked and tie a rope around it as a belt, or use an actual belt.”

Sean adds: “Wear baggy pants, brown or dark, and wear boots or sandals. For women, the look is similar to the classic gypsy look. A peasant skirt.”

Additional Tips:

  • You definitely don’t want to show up as a werewolf, because you’ll immediately draw suspicion from the other villagers.
  • Don’t stress the costume. Some will be better, some will be worse, yours will be great with even a minimal amount of preparation.
  • Still not sure? You can buy Medieval Costumes online and at local costume shops.






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